Rusted Rooster Media

Rusted Rooster Media in the Yukon Territory

Rusted Rooster Media out of Michigan hooked up with Koerner Camera Systems to bring a higher level of production to a recent reality hunting program shot deep in the Yukon Territory of Canada.  Rusted Rooster wanted to step up the imagery of their new show which will air on Animal Planet.  

  In previous hunting shows, Rusted Rooster used a variety of formats including DSLRs, large format digital cameras, and traditional broadcast cameras.  

  Koerner Camera suggested that they look into the Arri Amira.  The Amira is a digital cinema camera specially designed for handheld documentary use with the same sensor as the revered Arri Alexa, and is capable of frame rates up to 200 frames per second.  

  KCS received two brand new Arri Amiras a few days before the shoot.  Our staff as well as the camera crew did not have time to take the Amiras through the paces but we had confidence in Arriflex to have the cameras ready for the task.  

  After taking a couple of plane flights, a helicopter ride and 26 miles on horseback to the hunting base camp, the Amiras performed flawlessly.  The locations were stunning as well as the imagery.  

  The package consisted of two Arri Amiras, two Fujinon 19-90mm Cabrio Zoom Lenses, two IB/E 2x extenders, twelve Sandisk 120GB CFast 2.0 cards as well as a grip of the new stackable PAG gold mount batteries.  

  The PAG batteries are revolutionary in their design with the ability to stack up to three batteries together to have longer battery life and the ability of the camera operator to change out the rear batteries without powering down the camera.  Be sure to catch Rusted Roosters' new hunting show this summer on Animal Planet and see for yourself how the Amiras captured the action.  

Camera Crew:

Director of Photography:   Jamieson Crast

Operator:  Mikel Cook