The Build

"The Build"

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The Build is a documentary to highlight three Portland characters (Thor, James, Casey) in the custom motorcycle building industry by Truen Pence, resident filmmaker at Instrument

In addition to filming in and around their Portland-based shops, the team captured the iconic places that Thor, James and Casey often ride like The Gorge and Mount Hood. A small crew followed the builders around in a mini-van that doubled as an off-road camera mount, an Arri Alexa, an Instrument-made DSLR helmet mount and a 31-foot jib. We ended up with over twenty-four hours of footage.

"One of my favorite moments was capturing Thor in front of Mt. Hood at Sunset for our final shot. I knew right away that’d be the first thing you see when you came to" - Director Truen Pence

"The Build" premiered to a packed house on March 28th, 2013 at Instrument Outpost. Online, the film has garnered over 100,000 views from people in 149 countries. Individually nearly 9,000 frames of the film were shared on social networks and blogs around the world. The site/film is featured as FWA's "Site of the Day" and Adobe's "Cutting Edge Project of the Week".