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4x5.65" FILTERS

Standard Filters


Neutral Density


IR Neutral Density


Rotating Polarizers

Clear / Optical Flat

Color Filters

Tiffen Chocolate

Tiffen Coral

Tiffen Enhancer

Tiffen Straw

Tiffen Tangerine

Tiffen Tobacco

Tiffen B&W Color (R, O, G, Y)

Tiffen 81EF, 81C, 812, 80D, 80C, 80B, 80A

Schneider Antique Suede

Graduated Filters 

Tiffen Horizontal Hard Edge Grads

Tiffen Horizontal Soft Edge Grads

Tiffen Vertical Hard Edge Grads

Tiffen Vertical Soft Edge Grads

Tiffen Horizontal Tobacco Grads

Tiffen Horizontal Sunset Grads

Tiffen Vertical Sunset Grads

Tiffen Vertical Blue Grads

Diffusion Filters


Tiffen Black Diffusion FX

Tiffen Black Glimmer Glass

Tiffen Black Pearlescent

Tiffen Black Pro Mist

Tiffen Black Satin

Tiffen Fog

Tiffen Glimmer Glass

Tiffen Gold Diffusion FX

Tiffen Pearlescent

Tiffen Pro Mist

Tiffen Soft/FX

Tiffen Smoque

Schneider Classic Soft

Schneider Hollywood Black Magic

Schneider Radiant Soft

Mitchell Diffusion A/B/C/D/E

Contrast Filters

Tiffen Low Con

Tiffen Ultracon

Schneider Digicon

Effects Filters

Tiffen Blue True-Streak

Tiffen Clear True-Streak

Schneider Star Filter (4pt, 6pt)

6x6 Filter List Coming Soon

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