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Standard Tripod Heads

O'Connor 1040 (100mm)

O'Connor 1030DS (100mm)

Sachtler Video 18 (100mm)

Sachtler Video 20 (100mm)

Cartoni Focus (100mm)

O'Connor 2575 (Mitchell / 150mm)

O'Connor 2560 (Mitchell / 150mm)

O'Connor 2060 (Mitchell / 150mm)

Sachtler Studio 7+7 (Mitchell / 150mm)

Sachtler Studio 9+9 (Mitchell / 150mm)

Sachtler Studio 30 (Mitchell)


Easyrig Vario 5 with 5" or 9" Arm

Easyrig Vario 5 with Serene Arm

Easyrig Vario 5 Strong with Serene Arm

Easyrig Flex Vario with 5" or 9" Arm

(designed for female operators)

Easyrig 600N with 9" Arm

Easyrig 700N with 5" Arm

Other Support/Accessories

Cine Saddle Bean Bag Support

Tripod Rolling Spreaders / Dollies

Specialty Heads

Cartoni C40S Dutch Head

Cartoni Lambda 50 2-Axis Head w/Optional 3rd Axis

Cartoni Lambda 25 2-Axis Head w/Optional 3rd Axis

Weaver Steadman 2-Axis Balanced Fluid Head 

Weaver Steadman Optional 3rd Axis

Ronford Baker Fluid 7 (F7) Head


Tango/Tango II Swing Head


Cineped 3.5' Rotational Slider w/Quatro Legs

Camera Carts

Maken Yaeger Senior

Maken Yaeger Junior

Inovativ Ranger 48

Magliner Senior

Magliner Junior

Handheld Accessories

Spidergrips Handgrips

Element Technica Mantis-I


Eyedirect Mark II "Eyeline" System

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