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The Sony Rialto 2 camera extension system allows the sensor block to be detached from the Venice camera body and extended via a cable tether. This allows the camera size and weight to be reduced with no loss in image quality such as when filming in tight spaces, or when working with gimbals, cranes, or helicopters.


The Rialto 2 comes with the choice of two extension lengths: 9.8' (3m) or 39.4' (12m), the latter of which is over twice the maximum length of the original Rialto  (18').  The Rialto 2 includes a gyroscopic sensor which captures tilt/roll movement as metadata for visual effects work. The Rialto 2 is compatible with all Venice camera models, including both Sony Venice 2 (6K & 8K) and the original Sony Venice 6K

Available to rent in Portland and Seattle.

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